The company

11000AD is a forward thinking tech company focused on creative use of technology across many disciplines. We create solutions and invest in a wide range of digital products and technology applications. Keeping up with latest developments on and beyond the tech frontier, we see our future in growing our reach further into the ever-expanding digital finance universe.

Creative technology & VFX

We offer on-set & in-house visual effects supervision, consulting, management and design. With experts in supervising advertising, film and episodic visual effects we offer top shelf post production work for bespoke clients.

Our company founder Aleksandar Djordjevic began his path in tech with visual effects work in the late 90s. VFX was then a brand new and exciting digital business that combined creative thinking with the very latest in computer technology. Although the company reach is bigger today, and his interests expanded into the fintech world Aleksandar still keeps a foothold in the creative visual effects waters.

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Fintech / IT

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we achieve technological solutions across multiple industries. This includes bespoke Thinkscript® code for Schwab’s Thinkorswim trading platform, trading bots development and working on new and exciting ML trading solutions.

  • thinkscript®
  • python
  • machine learning based solutions

Utilizing latest in digital landscape we grow our human experience one line of code at a time.

We look beyond the horizon.

We move the boundaries of what we do, reinvent ourselvels yearly, daily, hourly. And we strive to leave a huge mark in every enterprise undertaken. Would you like to know more?