Covenant goes 3D

Yes, it has happened.

I finally started seriously poking with Blender 3D.

It’s amazing. So amazing I actually dissappeared into a black hole for months. Well, there’s also this massive IRL job I’m on that has been going strong so obviously indie gamedev work suffers, but…

I think I’m getting somewhere.

Here’s the first snapshot!

The goal is obviously to get it right, and retain the pixel art quality of the game. I actually want to avoid voxels, and keep the characters kind of 2D, but I’ll see if that actually will work out.

First and foremost, I need to finish texturing ISS “Tango”, the name of the space junk my brave crew will be gliding in, and while Godot remains the engine of choice – maybe soon – maybe in a few months – there will be a serious update as I start coding the basic fun stuff like controls and transporting it all into this 2.5D world.

Cheers from Aleks.

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