Between October 2020 and today, a whole lot of things happened. One of the most major ones was that I spent most of 2021 in New Mexico, supervising a shoot for a whole season of an Amazon show called “Outer Range” starring Josh Brolin.

Got to hang out with him and a lot of great people there, it was a great experience but it has put a stop on all my passion projects and my audiovisual lab – 11000AD.

However – I’m back in the saddle, and will be continuing where things left off. The website lost a domain for a blip, and I lost the previous website so I’m going through painful rebuild now.

Most of the content is saved in backups, but it will take a while to get it all back up.

I also founded DENT Studios – a creative studio loaded with great talent that has already worked on a bunch of great commercials and some TV shows, so take a peek there from time to time. Lots of cool work going on.