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Man. Those can be a trap if you ask me. Don’t go down that rabbit hole, stay the hell away!!! Beware! Bewaaaare!!!

I was researching dialogues and about 3 days later I realized I didn’t do a single one. Then I was like “What?!” and moved to researching shaders and 4 days later – I caught myself not having actually made a single one. Again. Two in a row.

Well, that’t not how things get done, we all know that. So I sat down, forgot everything I read in any of the tutorials, and just started writing code. Soon I hit a wall, and clicked on help. And help led me to another link, and a small google search later – I was on Godot Engine’s docs page. The official one.

And I was totally like…

Tutorials are all fine and dandy, but there’s a certain benefit to reading the manual. We all sometimes forget that things come with directions, and Godot Engine actually comes with an outstanding set.

So, I’ll take five, and put a little pause on the development and read up on shaders and dialogues. As I take a deserved break and dig into it for a while – there will still be a game devblog 007 sometime in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned, and read up on your manuals, too. Well, at least skim.

I’ll leave you with a little sneak peak of the next devblog. The doctor’s in the house 😊

Covenant: Project Zero – “The Doctor’s in the house!”

Game devblog 006

Indie game development is wrestling a lot of beasts, one after another. Well, the fight with the beast of scene changing proved to be an interesting one. There’s a bit of an update and the gdscript that ended up working is for now added to my online godot dev notebook. It may need to be updated as there’s some crazy slight-of-hand effect busting up the fade-out-fade-in transition between decks.

Something is still bonkers about the movement. Beginning to think it’s a godot debug preview window quirk coupled with the fact I’m developing on a mac. I did swap _physics_process with just a _process as I found out I actually should, and either the motion feels a bit better or I’m just overworked and subconsciously want it to feel better. Will have to dig deepr into movement physics one of these days…

But I digress – there’s been a lot of major updates.

I’ve done more pixel art for the bottom floor, it’s really starting to take shape. Although the lower deck takes a back seat to the main deck, it’s actually mighty important for the narrative. This being your proverbial shitty interstellar armed cargo transporter, it’s all gonna be about the goods, of course.

I also worked on lights and shadows initial planning and setup, too, and worked out the basics. Screen glows are working great, and both them and the stairwells light the captain nicely. Spent almost an hour just walking around my spaceship and looking at screens like a child with it’s rattle. This is the kind of shit indie development is all about. You give yourself some time to enjoy the little things as there’s no suits to chase you to hit some made-up deadline.

There’s a lot of functionalities ahead, but what I’m looking into now is finishing the basic furniture design and animation cycles for the rest of the crew. Beyond that I’ll be planning my time to figure out interactions, and items – and start working on dialogues!

We’ll just see where the solar winds take us!

Check out the visuals on the current progress in the latest video (link below) – this one a first with a voice over!

Subscribe to the channel and follow the work!

Pixel Art “Security Cam”

Took a little pixel art break today and finished a piece I’ve started in… 1997 I believe. It was a security camera perspective overlooking a door. Or maybe a sarcophagus or a container of some sort, I’m actually not sure. It does have a red and a green light, and I find that comforting.

I’ve always had a thing for unfinished things, and a real need to finish everything I start, and just discovered a pile of art I just never got to because of my day job, life, universe and every other excuse in the book. Feels amazing when you put that last pixel on an illustration.

Check it out – comment below!

Scaled size 1920 x 1069

Original size 320 x 180

Game devblog 005

First prototype

Clickety clickety click, some more pixel art stuff. And all of a sudden – we gots a game going on. Well, early prototype of just the main deck and movement and shit, but – hey – it’s a start.

Here’s a super early prototype video. It’s really my first “it’s alive” moment. 🙂

Now, there’s a whole other level (L1) below the main deck, with three access points, but I’m still figuring out how to trigger the scene changing. Also, there’s some kind of a stutter on movement… I wonder if it’s just a debug window issue or something I’m gonna deal with once I publish the game for a platform (it’s supposed to be a mobile game, btw.)

Oh well… There’s my homework for the next blog 🙂