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Covenant goes 3D

Yes, it has happened.

I finally started seriously poking with Blender 3D.

It’s amazing. So amazing I actually dissappeared into a black hole for months. Well, there’s also this massive IRL job I’m on that has been going strong so obviously indie gamedev work suffers, but…

I think I’m getting somewhere.

Here’s the first snapshot!

The goal is obviously to get it right, and retain the pixel art quality of the game. I actually want to avoid voxels, and keep the characters kind of 2D, but I’ll see if that actually will work out.

First and foremost, I need to finish texturing ISS “Tango”, the name of the space junk my brave crew will be gliding in, and while Godot remains the engine of choice – maybe soon – maybe in a few months – there will be a serious update as I start coding the basic fun stuff like controls and transporting it all into this 2.5D world.

Cheers from Aleks.

Pixel Art “Security Cam”

Took a little pixel art break today and finished a piece I’ve started in… 1997 I believe. It was a security camera perspective overlooking a door. Or maybe a sarcophagus or a container of some sort, I’m actually not sure. It does have a red and a green light, and I find that comforting.

I’ve always had a thing for unfinished things, and a real need to finish everything I start, and just discovered a pile of art I just never got to because of my day job, life, universe and every other excuse in the book. Feels amazing when you put that last pixel on an illustration.

Check it out – comment below!

Scaled size 1920 x 1069

Original size 320 x 180