I was born in Serbia (then-Yugoslavia) where I started my creative journey making my first steps as a digital (pixel) artist for the European Demoscene and gaming industry. Shortly after graduating college, I moved overseas and worked my way up to become a trusted creative partner to top creative productions and agencies around the globe. Along this ride I managed to build a global portfolio of high-end VFX work and got to do my dream job – turning dreams into audiovisual landscapes.

In 2020 during the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic – I started making my first solo indie game as a one man army – both an artist and developer – for the first time combining all my skills on a single project. So, I started a dedicated website which may develop into a full fledged indie game studio one day. You are invited to join me on a path of indie game making as it goes forth, witness and participate in the incremental progress to my projects, see, listen, play and (hopefully) enjoy the digital art I do.

I’m doing this because indie game making is pure magic. Something out of nothing. Tangible from intangible. Something real and functional out of imagination.

An applied art.

The red brick road awaits! Brace yourself.

Aleksandar Djordjević / 11000AD

Indie game development & digital art by Aleksandar Djordjevic